Hydraulic Accumulators


Highlem has over 30 year's experience in the research & development, design and production of hydraulic accumulators.

This includes all hydropneumatic accumulators, from bladder accumulators, diaphragm accumulators and poiston accumulators, and accumulator stations, and now steel stainless accumulators, to metal bellows accumulators, high pressure accumulators, dampers(damping of vibrations, pulsations, and shocks and noise, and now all kinds of technology application solutions based on accumulators. All accumulator products are complied with locally and worldwide rules and standards, for example, ASME, PED, and Chinese GB standard. 

Highlem offers special and most comprehensive collection of accumulators. All accumulators are compatible with a variety of fluids and pressure ranges, and are available in various materials for a diverse range of applications. Solutions are also available to help meet the specific needs of our customers.

To meet the challenges of the complex and diverse of application scenarios, Highlem's specialists team works together with customers, developes new products to fit for defferent technical requirments and operating condition,to satisfy customer's expectation. With specialization, flexibility, durability and long service life, Highlem's products has more production effeciency and lower operating cost.

Our accumulators apply for below range of hydraulic system industries:

  • energy storage,
  • damping of vibrations, pulsations, shocks and noise,
  • suction flow stabilisation,
  • volume compensation and leakage compensation,
  • weight equalisation,
  • energy recovery, and so on

Our accumulators are widely using in many fields:

metallurgy, petro-chamical, power, oil-gas, aerospace, military equipment, road vehicle, railway and ship, forging, constraction machinery, etc.


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Hellem company is founded by the accumulator industry technical expert team, has accumulated rich accumulator, release agent spraying experience for more than 30 years, has 34 independent intellectual property rights of various products,Is the accumulator products and application solutions provider of the capsule diaphragm piston hydraulic industry, the products meet the quality and safety standards of various countries.

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