Pistom Accumulators


Highlem's piston accumulators consist of a cylinder with a finely processed interior, with screwed-in cover on the gas and fluid side and a piston with special sealing systems. The free-moving piston is a separation element between a compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid.

The piston position can be made visible and also be used for switching functions in the hydraulic system.

Highlem's piston accumulators cover 0.25~200 liters, nomial pressure 35MPa and max flow rate up to 5400 liter per minites. Working pressure of the high pressure pistom accumulators is up to140 MPa.

  • Accumulator shell materials are available with carbon steel, alloy steel, SS, lightweight materials.
  • The advantages of Highlem pistom are:
  • Minimal pressure difference between fluid side and gas side, 
  • Large usable volume,
  • Variable installation position,
  • Piston position can be monitored by various systems,
  • Particularly suitable for back-up configurations,
  • Extreme flow rates,
  • Long service life, no sudden discharge of gas when seals are worn.


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